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Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes - 30ct

  • For: Sensitive Skin
  • Size: 30 Wipes
  • Price: $5.99
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Yes To Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes gently remove dirt, sweat and makeup (eye makeup too!) without the need to rinse. Whether you're out and about, going for a run, or having a late night, these wipes make it a snap to refresh on-the-go. Packed with green superfoods these all-natural, biodegradable wipes naturally exfoliate, detoxify, and rejuvenate all-in-one. Stay gorgeous, and go from zero to clean in seconds!

WINNER of Allure Best of Beauty 2011
WINNER of Allure Best of Beauty 2015

  • 98% Natural
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
  • Made with compostable, FSC certified fabric
  • Petroleum, SLS & Paraben Free
  • Cruelty-free
Facial Towelettes 4.7 5 209 209
Great! These work great but I made the mistake of putting them near my eyes which burned terribly, so just remember not to get them too close to your eyes! And they smell amazing by the way!! August 24, 2012
Bitter sweet. I DO recommend this product, however not to people with sensetive skin. I was so excited to try this product because of my extremely sensative skin. While it does remove my makeup and smell really fresh there is nothing soothing about these. They irritate my skin and cause redness and they burn my face, and i cannot use them on my eyes because it burns so bad. If your skin isnt that sensative but you like the smell and wanna take off your makeup get these, If your skin is in need for soothing do not. August 24, 2012
love it..the best! I was looking for oil free natural towelettes, this by far is the best I've tried and I tried many, love it, it really removes all makeup good if sweating to freshen up and it leave face feeling soft and definitely clean. My new favorite : ) August 16, 2012
Burns and smells terrible. I am a fan of the yes to products, and have used many of them. These towelettes just do not measure up to the rest of their products. First off, they stink. I am hoping that I have a defective pack because I don?t think I can use these on my face they smell like chalk, mold and cucumber. It is scary because I have bad allergies to mold. Secondly, they burn. Honestly, I didn?t mind the burn, and it felt fine once I put my lotion on over it. I don?t think they should be marketing a towelette to people with sensitive skin when it burns so badly. They came in a gift pack and I love the other two products so I won?t be returning them. However, I will not be buying them again. August 16, 2012
Love these! These towlettes are great for removing facial makeup (though they don't do much for eye makeup). They smell great and don't dry my skin. August 2, 2012
Not for me I don't usually have sensitive skin, but these made my skin and eye area burn and sting. I thought that these would be gentle considering they say "soothing" and they are natural but they didn't work out for me or take off my make up very well. I still had eye liner left on my eyes afterwards. July 29, 2012
Great Product! I got this in my July Glam Bag and oh my! I love this product! It makes your face feel refreshed and clean! And it takes off make up just like that! I was currently using proactiv tell I got this in my glam bag it has been keeping my face fresh and clean and I cant wait to buy more of it!! Proactiv kept drying out my skin and as soon as I started to use this my boyfriend noticed really quick! He also just loves the scent!! July 25, 2012
Excellent all around I take this with me when I'm flying. I love the fresh scent, and there is honestly nothing better than using one of these on face and hands after you've been in a dry airplane cabin for a few hours. I love, love, love these! July 24, 2012
Practical and Fantastic! I went camping on my bicycle and bought these facial wipes as they're a practical solution for facial cleansing when you're deep in the forrest. I used Yes To Cucumber wipes for five days, morning and night (along with the cucumber daily moisturizer) and could not believe the results! They cleaned my face thoroughly without leaving a residue and prevented any breakouts. (I'd use two in the evening to really clean the dirt/grime/sweat/camp fire smoke from the day, and unless you're in the same situation, I'd expect one would work just fine. I'm very good at remembering to wash my face morning and night, but i'll always have these wipes when I travel as they are a total necessity for a fresh, clean beautiful face! July 18, 2012
More the make-up-er i was afriad to wear make on my face because of the washing. now i can wear the sllightest bit and gets it all up. i told my mom about it and she tried it and loves it also love it as much as i do. very much. July 17, 2012
Best face wipes ever I found these in the drug store and decided to give them a try. I have very sensitive and blemish prone skin. Other face wipes I have used before normally break my skin out and leave my face feeling dry and irritated. These face wipes left my skin feeling very moisturized, but not too oily or greasy. They actually helped clear my skin and they smell wonderful too. July 13, 2012
Does not irritate my skin I love these. They don't make my skin super red and irritated after I use them. Plus they get all of your face makeup and even eye makeup off. I love the smell of them too! July 4, 2012
I've bought this so many times, it's wonderful I started Yes To... a while ago. This was my first item, and it's proven totally loyal! So much better than Nutrogena or any of the other brands. You get more bang for your buck too. Smells good, feels good, takes off make-up and cleanses. Good for sunburns too! One problem: each towelette is a bit large. I have to put them back in and use them several times before I use one entirely up. June 24, 2012
good face refresher these towelettes remove foundation/powder/blush etc great but i found that they irritate my eye area, so i used them up only on my face and did not repurchase. i haven't had an issue with the other cucumber products irritating my skin, they are all very soothing & gentle :) June 22, 2012
Yes to Awesome The wipes irritated the first few times I used it, but now I've been using them for over a year without a problem. I used Burt's Bees once because I couldn't find these & really needed wipes, boy, was I was disappointed, so I reverted back to these. June 19, 2012
Great! I recently learned that when wearing makeup, only washing your face ONLY takes off the makeup, and doesn't totally cleanse your skin. After learning this, I went and bought these towelettes to take off my makeup first, and this is a charm! I can see the makeup it takes off! And it feels so fresh on my skin, giving it a clean feeling, before I wash my face! I always use this first on days I wear makeup, then follow up with my Yes To Tomatoes cleanser, and my acne has cleared up more due to taking makeup off first, not just wash and think I'm good. Plus - the smell is amazing! June 16, 2012
Great for lazy people like me! I really am lazy when it comes right down to it. I want to take care of my skin, but I don't want the hassels of a time consuming beauty routine. That is why I love "Yes To" products. I find that the makeup removing towelettes work great to remove my makeup without a lot of effort on my part. It is important to me that they are also all-natural and biodegradable. June 11, 2012
I'm in Love!!!!! These are for gentle cleansing and makeup removal. I jumped on the ?Yes to Carrots? product bandwagon when they had just started carrying it in drugstores. When I first purchased these, I was looking for a new kind of makeup remover and I loved the packaging and the name, so I bought it and fell in love <3. These are by far, the best makeup removing wipes I have ever used. To sum it up, I have re-purchased these babies over 10 times. If you haven?t tried them, you need to!!! June 2, 2012
Irritating To Sensitive Skin In my search for healthier and more natural skincare, this was my introduction to the Yes To line. I have fair, sensitive skin that is also oily and can break out easily. I have to be very careful about the products I choose. I like the packaging, and the fact that the towelettes are obviously biodegradable. Well done there. But the use of the product itself left me very dissatisfied. It had my face immediately burning like it was on fire, even with a gentle touch. After about five minutes, that sensation went away. It was replaced with leaving my skin feeling dry, and with a residue. Though I admit that may be due to the aloe (which real aloe always leaves a residue behind). The scent is very pleasing, but a bit overpowering as it was left behind on my hands, even after washing more than once. I was disappointed to discover that may be due to the added fragrance. I'm usually very careful about choosing fragrance-free products. It wasn't something I expected a natural product for sensitive skin to contain. I see I am not the only person to review this product as burning their skin. If this is meant to truly be a line for sensitive skin, this issue must be addressed, as well as the added fragrance. As it stands now, there is nothing soothing about this product. June 2, 2012
Great smell, price, and product I've been using these towelettes for about 3 months, and I love everything about them! The scent is great and they are quick and effective. I use them on my face and chest after working out or just when I need to freshen up. Love it. June 1, 2012
Love it! It removes makeup effectively.But my skin is mildy sensitive so it does dry my skin a little but I reccomend this to anyone, May 31, 2012
Can't live without it! I love this product and can't go an night without it! May 31, 2012
Soft and clean really well! I've tried many different types of towelettes and love these because they are so soft and get my face really clean! They have a very gentle and soothing scent and are easy to use to take with you on the go. May 31, 2012
Gentle cleansing, refreshing I love these facial towels. The scent is very refreshing. My skin feels invigorated after I cleanse with them. May 31, 2012
Works for the entire family I bought these and use them at night. They are perfect for removing yuckies that end up on your face, like dirt, makeup, and daily impurities. I even use them on my two little ones...perfect for cleaning their face after a whole day of playing. One wipe can clean my face, my nine year olds face, and my two year olds face. Love it! May 31, 2012
Best Product EVER! I live in southern Florida, hot, sticky, humid. Just overall hard to be outside without sweating! I also live by the beach. I am outside on our 25 acres during the day with the dogs we breed. I alwasy have these towelettes handy. I take them to the beach in my cooler. I bring them to dog training. I go straight for them when I come in the house after working in the yard. I also use them before I go to bed. They are so refreshing and cool to the touch. My face is instantly rejuvenated after using one of these towelettes. They smell fresh feel fresh! They just make life in florida that much better! May 31, 2012
Yes to Cucumber Towelettes are convenient, effective, and affordable! I love the Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. They remove my make up better than most facial cleansers I have tried. They are wonderfully convenient. I use them in my bathroom at home and carry a second pack in my gym bag. After a hard workout the Yes To Cucumber Towelettes are refreshing and they smell great. Yes To Cucumber Towelettes make my face feel wonderful and don't cost me an arm and a leg! May 30, 2012
Better than the norm' towelette! Clean pores is a mantra for any beautiful face. But this is packed with antioxidant green tea and skin-calming aloe and cucumbers. It gives my face an instant step-up against environmental stress on the go. I feel fresher and more hydrated instantly on long flights between NYC and Australia. So much so that I use them several times on the (25 hour long) flight. At home I am addicted to giving my face an esential wipe when I'm too tired to wash. This calms and reduces redness like nothing else! May 30, 2012
Non-drying & removes most make up LOVE THESE. I love them because they are natural without any harsh chemicals... and they do not dry my face out at all. I have eczema and senstive skin, so it was important to me that I find a gentle make-up remover that still got the job done. Highly recommend these. May 30, 2012
Soothing is an understatement I am a huge fan of the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. I love the light scent, the soft cloth, and the cool feel on my skin. These towelettes have become part of my daily routine, and are a really great way to help me as I start to wind down from my day. I feel refreshed, yet calm, like I've wiped the grimy day away. They leave my skin feeling smooth, clean, and free of grease. Not only do I use them on my face, but I have a rash due to photo-sensitivity on my arms, and I use them to wipe my arms before applying the prescribed cream my doctor gave me. The towelettes soothe the rash, stop the itching, and clean the area before applying the cream. I am not saying the experience would be typical, but it has been great for me. I appreciate this product's earth friendly philosophy, the biodegradable packaging, the commitment to not test on animals, and the quality of not only the towelettes, but their entire line of products. May 30, 2012
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Snap up the lid and snatch out a towelette! Gently glide across your face and neck. Feel refreshed? You should- your skin is clean, revitalized and nourished-- in just a snap!

Available for online purchase in US only.

Organic Cucumbers are mildly astringent, yet soothing and can help reduce puffiness of the skin. Cucumber also aids in removing dead skin cells.
Aloe Vera is a highly effective, naturally gentle moisturizer that is known to refresh and sooth skin.
Green Tea is a natural antioxidant and astringent, and is effective in treating troubled skin and breakouts.
Water, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativas (Cucumber) Extract*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Extract*, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract*, Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt), Carpylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance.

* Certified Organic Ingredient

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